Critical condition of Gholam Reza Khorammi, injured during April 8th, brutal attack

Ashraf military Occupation – No.65

Engineer Gholam Reza Khorammi, 56, who is one of the injured residents of the April 8th, attack on Ashraf, is in critical condition. During the July 2009 attack of Iraqi forces on Ashraf, he was injured and subsequently taken hostage. He, along with 35 other hostages, went on a 72-day hunger strike.

On April 8th, forces under the command of Maliki initially hit him with a HUMVEE, then, while he was unable to make any movement, attacked him with sticks and bats and viciously battered him. When other Ashraf residents came to the scene, they witnessed Gholam Reza on the verge of death.

As a result of the blows, Gholam Reza suffered a concussion and blood-clots gathered in his brain causing him to lose the ability to recognize and also lose memory. Moreover, his right arm and forearm have been fractured from several points.

The Iranian Resistance, from the early morning hours of Friday and after the brutal attack of Maliki’s forces, called for the evacuation of all injured residents by US forces. The facilities of Ashraf, due to the two-year inhumane blockade, are inadequate and Iraqi forces cause obstructions in the Ashraf residents’ access to proficient hospitals, physicians and surgeons.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 18, 2011

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