Cracking down on Tehran protests “crucial,” new governor told

A member of the security committee of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (Parliament) warned about the persistence of protests by Tehran’s youths on Wednesday, saying that it threatens Tehran’s security.

Parviz Sarvari was quoted by the state-run Mehr news agency as saying that, “All eyes are now focused on Tehran and the smallest happening in this city will be noted everywhere. So, a single burning tire in Tehran [during protests] will be noticed more than a burning city elsewhere.”

The Majlis deputy was speaking at the inauguration ceremony for the regime’s new governor for Tehran province.

Sarvari also said that “the security of Tehran city is a crucially important issue which must be considered as a factor in how the city is being run.”

The former governor of Tehran province, Hossein Tala, also spoke at the event, telling his successor, “Controlling [the protests] in Tehran city was a crucial issue.”

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