Council of Europe – Parliamentary Assembly – Written declaration on Camp Ashraf

Doc. 12510
28 January 2011
Camp Ashraf
Written Declaration No 472

On 7 January 2011, the assault on Camp Ashraf, in which Iraqi forces participated, left 176 residents, including 91 women, injured. Iraqi forces denied medical treatment to the injured and expelled them from the hospital. Some 180 loudspeakers have been used to psychologically torture the residents since February 2010. On 5 January, Iran’s foreign minister urged the Iraqi Prime Minister to increase practical measures against Ashraf. Under the supervision of the Committee to Close Ashraf in the Prime Minister’s office, the siege of Ashraf over the past two years, including medical restrictions, has led to the death of two residents.

The raid on 28-29 July 2009 left 11 residents killed and 500 injured.

The recent measures seriously violate the 4th Geneva Convention which applies to Ashraf residents, and accordingly to the 27 December 2010 ruling by a Spanish court and the statute of the International Criminal Court are considered “war crimes”.

The United Nations and the United States must guarantee the protection of Ashraf.

We urge the Parliamentary Assembly member states to :

– convince the Iraqi Government to dissolve the Ashraf Closure Committee and place Ashraf’s dossier under the supervision of the Iraqi Parliament;

– to end immediately the psychological torture of the residents by Iranian intelligence agents using 180 loudspeakers.

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