Conference in Cairo – Condemning Injustice against Ashraf

At the invitation of the Egypt Lawyers Union for Democratic and Legal Studies, on January 26th a conference was held in Cairo in condemnation of “the injustice against Ashraf residents”. A number of civil society and political parties’ members along with officials and 150 political, legal and cultural dignitaries from Egypt took part in the conference.

Participants in the conference condemned the cruel behavior of the Iraqi government towards Ashraf residents; the clerical regime’s pressures to derail the peaceful solution; and the Iraqi government’s disobedience of its international obligations and violations of its agreements with the UN.

Shadi Tal’at, President of the Egypt Lawyers Union for Democratic and Legal Studies said: “Iraqi forces have trampled Ashraf residents’ rights. The residents’ rights remain in danger now following the ultimatum assigned for their transfer to Liberty,.”

Ahmad al-Jobeyli, President of the Egyptian People’s Democratic Party said in his remarks: “I am here on behalf of the People’s Democratic Party, Secretary General of the Political Parties Front and the Coordinator of the Egypt Salvation Front. Today, I am here along with Egyptian revolutionaries and political parties to announce our solidarity with Ashraf residents who are under siege and the target of various plots and attacks by the Iranian regime.”

Esmaeel Mohammad Esmaeel, Vice President of Egypt’s al-Ghad Party said: “I hope with the parties along our side and revolutionary forces in Egypt we will be able to establish an Egyptian national coalition to provide support for Camp Ashraf.”

Ashraf Razi, prominent Egyptian dignitary, expert in political sciences and UN delegation advisor said: “The subject of Camp Ashraf is in the midst of sophisticated political issues and clashes. Standing alongside Ashraf residents and in defense of the rights of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran might actually have an impact on decreasing other crisis and religious disputes in the region.”

Mohammad Salama, assistant Editor in Chief of Egypt’s al-Massieh daily reiterated that enormous efforts placed by international jurists finally brought results and this international campaign, which I participated in at one of its conferences held in Paris, finally was able to impel the Iraqi government to set aside its deadline.
Dr. Ahmad Reza, economic advisor in the UN said: “The PMOI had a role in the Iranian revolution, they must have freedom of action and the UN must protect Camp Ashraf residents in the face of the tyrannous Iranian regime and Iraqi government.”

Ahmad Abdol-vareth, Egyptian artist and member of Egypt’s Portrait Art Syndicates said: “We announce our solidarity and support for Ashraf, and call on the UN to intervene immediately and assume the responsibility of Ashraf’s protection based on international law.”

Dr. Mohammad Nur-eddin al-Mousawi, President of the Iraqi National Front said in his speech on human rights violations against Ashraf residents and breaches of agreement by the Iraqi government : “Expropriation before transfer to Liberty and preventing a visit by a delegation of Ashraf’s engineers to Liberty before the transfer, all speak of the fact that the Iraqi government is involved in making a prison, not in transferring refugees to a new location.”

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