Condemnation of government’s98 attempts to obtain approval in Iraqi Parliament for horrendous crimes perpetrated at Camp Ashraf

Statement by Iraqi National Movement; Political Bureau, April 14, 2011

The security and military forces continue their aggression against refugees at Camp Ashraf despite all international and Iraqi objections criticizing their illegal and inhumane actions in treating Camp Ashraf residents.

With great regret, some of the government officials appear on the media and deny the perpetrated violations and say that what happened was only a rotation of forces and it was the Camp Ashraf residents who attacked the government forces…
This is while 34 Iranian refugees are killed and more than 300 are wounded and the United Nations has confirmed these figures.

Today, the government forces committed another colossal mistake which is not in line with any religious or humane values. The government forces started vandalizing and destroying the martyrs’ cemetery at Ashraf.

This action absolutely violates all values of human rights, or those harbored by heavenly religions or mankind laws, and in the history of Iraqi people, there has never been such a dangerous precedent that brings shame to every human being.

Witnessing with great pain and sadness what is occurring at Camp Ashraf, the Iraqi National Movement calls on the international community to intervene and stop these killings.

It asks Iraq’s conscience not to allow what is taking place to be written in history in the name of Iraqi people, who is indeed a fine nation with great hospitality for their guests; a nation that rejects any aggression and animosity towards its guests.

We call on the Iraqi parliament to urgently intervene to stop killings committed by the Iraqi government forces.

We also ask the Iraqi representatives to reject government’s attempts for obtaining parliament’s approval for such horrendous crimes.

We ask the government to attend to the security and safety of Iraqi people and Iraqi land instead of heeding the orders issued by other countries.

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