Concerns grow over fate of Political prisoner in Iran after disappearance

The Iranian regime has transferred a political prisoner, suffering from cancer, to an unknown location, raising concerns for his life.

Mr. Mohsen Dokmechi, who suffers from an advanced stage of pancreatic cancer, has been denied proper medical care by the regime while in prison.

He has been charged with visiting his son in Camp Ashraf, home to members of the main Iranian opposition, and helping families of other political prisoners.

When his cellmates at Gohardasht Prison’s Ward 4 protested against the regime’s cruel and inhumane treatment of the political prisoner, he was taken to an undisclosed location by regime agents.

In another development, the physical condition of another political prisoner, Hadi Abed Bakhoda, has been reported to be critical.

Mr. Bakhoda was hastily rushed out of the hospital by regime agents and returned to prison recently. As a result of this inhumane act, his illness and infections have become more severe.

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