Commander of the fifth Division of the Military Police murdered 8 of PMOI members in the APRIL 8th attack

Camp Ashraf military occupation– No. 90

Based on reports from inside of the clerical regime, Major Jasem Mohamad Alivi Altamimi, Commander of the fifth Division of the Military Police has received a prize and commendation from the Qods terrorist force due to his criminal actions against residents of Ashraf on April 8th.

Major Jasem Mohamad Alivi Altamimi is personally responsible in killing 8 P.M.O.I members in Ashraf. He is clearly depicted in various scenes in the massacre videos of April 8th shooting at defenceless residents. Five other people under Major’s command shot several PMOI members who either died or were severely wounded.

Jasem Altamimi has had a long history with the Qods forces. In Sep 2007 he was the commander of one of the companies in the first battalion of 5th division in Iraq Karkoosh Garrison in charge of importing weapons into Iraq for the Qods forces, terrorist operations. He was also involved in abductions and murders of many of the youth in the area.

Looking at the pictures and videos of April 8th, it is obvious that they sought to hunt and kill defenceless Ashraf residents according to specific instructions from Maliki.

There is no doubt that these are clear examples of war crimes and crimes against humanity and those responsible must be tried in an international tribunal and punished.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 29, 2011

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