Commander of Qods Force: “Syria is frontline” and Hezbollah is “Islamic Republic’s blessed offspring”

NCRI – Qasem Suleimani, Commander of the Iranian regime’s terrorist Qods Force, acknowledged that Hezbollah of Lebanon is the creation of the Iranian regime.

In a conference at the presence of state-run media on September 14, he said: “Hezbollah is the blessed offspring of the Islamic Republic.”

“With Iran’s decisive assistance, and following of the model of Lebanese Hezbollah, Palestinians confronted Israel in the 22-day and 8-day wars in Gaza Strip,” he added. Explaining the reason for IRGC’s deep involvement in Syria, Qasem Soleimani said: “Syria is the frontline of the resistance.”

Previously, Mullah Ta’eb, a crony of Ali Khamenei, had reiterated that if Assad falls, holding Tehran would be difficult for the mullahs.

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