Clerical regime’s repetitive lies on finding massive graves and clashes breaking out in Ashraf paving grounds for massacre

The clerical regime’s state-run television and Fars news agency affiliated to the revolutionary guards, stated in a provocative bogus campaign quoting Oday Al-Khedran, agent of the Qods terrorist force in Iraq and Khalis governor that “massive graves have been found in camp Ashraf”. He added “there are a large number of corpses in these massive graves located 45 kilometers North West of al-Khalis” (Clerical regime’s media-March 16). The clerical regime and its agents, losing their senses, have forgotten that Ashraf is twenty kilometers from Khalis.

The agent also claimed to find tomb stones with names of Al-Qadea leaders and former Iraqi leaders.

To reinforce its repetitive lies as new findings, the clerical regime has turned to new sham assertions claiming with the transfer of two groups from camp Ashraf to Liberty, the other parts of Ashraf are under the contorl of the regime’s agents.

A few days following the brutal attack in July 2009 the regime’s agents stated, “a gravesite of Kuwaitis is inside Ashraf” (media affiliated to the regime-August 2nd 2009). This was immediately denounced by the government of Kuwait. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry was also forced to denounce this embarrassment (August 5th 2009).

A memorial with the names of a number of innocent Iraqi citizens who worked in Ashraf, and whose bus was blown up by the Iranian regime’s terrorists on May 29th 2006, leading to their death, is posted in Ashraf’s Morvarid cemetery, which has been occupied by Iraqi forces since last year. The explosion took place near the city of Khalis and was carried out in cooperation with Oday Khedran with bombs made by the revolutionary guards.
The clerical regime’s use of known criminals such as Oday Khedran, who has participated in many brutal attacks against Ashraf, demonstrates the clerical regime’s lack of reasoning. He was the first to announce the sham claim, declaring agricultural land of locals had been stolen by Ashraf residents, thus, preparing the grounds for the April 2011 massacre.

Oday Khedran and other agents of the clerical regime in June 2007 attacked different areas in Khalis and killed a large number of locals including those who were ill. Even one of the police who tried to prevent the murder of one of the ill was killed himself. As a result of the criminal attack, 8000 residents of Khalis were forced to flee there homes leaving behind their belongings. Five mosques belonging to Sunnis were looted. As a result of this, Oday Khedran is under warrant by Iraqi courts, however with a direct “private and personal” order from Maliki his arrest has been prevented.

Meanwhile the clerical regime has claimed in another repetitive tale that PMOI member, Noor Mohammad Biranvand was stabbed to death in fights between Ashraf residents. The goal of these deliberate lies is to cover up the inhumane medical siege on Ashraf and hindrances made in obtaining medical care which has led to the death of 12 residents until now. Noor Mohammad Biranvand, after 23 years of struggle against the religious fascism ruling Iran, passed away on March 8th 2012 due to hepatitis and depravation of medical care.  

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 19, 2012

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