Clerical regime’s desperate attempts to prevent escalation of popular uprising

Feb. 14Uprising- No. 9

In the course of Tehran’s popular uprising on Monday, February 14, the Iranian regime’s suppressive forces opened fire on defenseless demonstrators, killing and wounding some. Sane’ Jaleh, 26, a student of Tehran’s Art University, was slain by direct gun shot.

In fear of the spread of popular uprising and inflaming the hatred and anger of youths, women and students, and worried of extensive popular support for the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), Ahmad-Reza Radan, deputy chief of the State Security Force, in a preposterous lie, announced today: “The PMOI, UK, US and Israel employed their agents to stage yesterday’s riot. Some PMOI members shot at the people that led to the martyrdom of a fellow citizen… the PMOI planned to have some people killed. They carried out their plot in a district in western Tehran, but some of them were arrested…”

In the meantime, the mullahs’ regime seeks to, by some stage-setting, present Sane’ Jaleh as a Basiji and a student supporter of the regime. A regime’s agent by the name of Hemmat, in charge of political section of the Union of Islamic society, in a private meeting to brief the regime’s agents said: “Since this person does not belong to any group, our guys (in the student Bassij units) are working on this news. Their idea is to turn this matter [murder of Jaleh] in their own favor, because there is a possibility that they (opponents) trigger another issue similar to Neda Agha Soltan. For this, Mr. Zaghim Zadeh (member of the central council in charge of the Union of Islamic Student society) initiated the plan and had an interview with Fars Agency.” (the tape of this meeting is available)

Subsequently, in a ludicrous show, IRGC’s News Agency (Fars) declared: “The burial ceremony for martyr Sane’ Jaleh, an elucidated student from Tehran’s Art University, will be held tomorrow morning… yesterday, during street tumults, he was hit by the PMOI by direct gun shot … In addition, the PMOI have targeted four other of our compatriots by direct shots injuring them…”

In order to prepare the ground for this show, in a bogus statement, the clerical regime alleged that the PMOI has dispatched terrorist teams to Iran and some of whom have been arrested.
It was in June 2009 that in a similar attempt the clerical regime declared that Neda Agha Soltan has been murdered by the PMOI, the US, and Britain.

These desperate attempts and ludicrous allegations against the PMOI, much like clerical regime’s other attempts at shutting down the internet and mobile phones, or jamming satellite television broadcasts, will prove fruitless for the shaky clerical regime. The uprising and the struggle of the Iranian people shall continue until the downfall of the ruling religious fascism and the establishment of democracy.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 15, 2011

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