Chants of ‘Death to Dictator’ and ‘Down with Islamic Republic’ in Tehran

Feb. 14 Demonstration – No. 2

Furious youths in Sadeqia sq. in Tehran chanted ‘Death to the Dictator’ despite extensive presence of suppressive forces.

In west of Azadi sq., the people chanted, ‘Death to Islamic Republic’. A big number of people have gathered at Enqelab sq. too despite extensive presence of State Security Force (SSF).

 In Azadi Ave., outside Sharif University of Technology, the people have blocked the SSF agents from entering Azadi sq. by laying obstacles.
In order to prevent other people to join the demonstration, the mullahs’ regime has closed down the bus and metro station of Azadi sq. The side streets heading to the Azadi Ave. and Sq. are closed too.
Many plain-clothes agents and female Bassij agents have been stationed in the metro station of the Enqelab sq.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 14, 2011

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