Chairman of Diyala women’s group praises shunning of Iranian regime measures against opposition

The chairman of the Free Women’s Association in Iraq’s Diyala province praised a boycott by Iraqi tribes of the Iranian regime’s so-called exhibition against the main opposition in Camp Ashraf.

Ms. Zakri Dawoud said the Arab tribes’ brave stance in boycotting the Iranian regime’s photo exhibit deserves praise and proves that Iraqi tribes are determined to take a stance against the Iranian regime’s meddling in their country.

She told Iraq’s news agency, “Diyala’s residents have amicable and strong relations with members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK),” referring to the main Iranian opposition, 3,400 of whose members reside in Camp Ashraf situated in Diyala.

The Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad had staged a photo exhibit against Ashraf residents in reaction to the overwhelming declaration of support by 480,000 Diyala residents for the people of Ashraf in July.

“We have known them (Ashraf residents) for the past quarter of a century,” Ms. Dawoud said adding, “and we know about their high morals and humanitarian and civilized behavior.”

The chairman of the Free Women of Diyala also added that the Iranian regime interferes in Diyala’s internal affairs, killing Iraqis and smuggling in explosives and weapons.

Ms Dawoud said a government-imposed siege on Camp Ashraf at the behest of the Iranian regime is inhumane and is unacceptable by Iraqis who are known for their hospitality. 

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