Celebration in Auver-Sur-Oise

France’s Channel 3 aired a report on the PMOI delisting celebration in Auver-Sur-Oise near Paris.
Anchorman: A day of celebration in Auver-Sur-Oise, one of the bases of the Iranian resistance. 1,500 celebrate the victory of being removed from the terrorist list which they were in from 15 years ago.

Reporter: This is one of the most beautiful days of their lives. These exiled Iranians are struggling against Tehran’s mullahs. However, their organization, the People’s Mojahedin, was described as terrorists by the Untied States. Washington has recently changed its opinion.
Azadeh Alemi: I am very happy today, for myself, for the Iranian people and the Iranian resistance.
Reporter: The NCRI stationed in Auver-Sur-Oise over 30 years ago. Demonizing measures by all democratic governments, including France, had even raised the suspicions of the town residents. However, those residents quickly changed their minds and now, they join in their happiness.
Auver-Sur-Oise resident Daniel Giro: From 2003, I have been with them and we together have done a lot and I hope that those activities will be done better now.
Auver-Sur-Oise Mayor Jean-Pierre Bequet: The mullahs’ regime has very much relied on this subject to eliminate them by saying they cannot be talked to. Because they are terrorists. And it attempted to tout this message everywhere and within all governments and parliaments. Now, these words have all crumbled.
Reporter: Maryam Rajavi, the symbol of Iranian resistance that has been recognized legitimately now, can with all her supporters focus on their only goal:
NCRI President Maryam Rajavi: Overthrowing the mullahs’ regime, for Iran’s future, a democratic, laic Iran based on humane values and especially for equality between men and women.
Reporter: One important phase has been passed, however, the battle coordinated from Auver-Sur-Oise for a democratic Iran has yet to become victorious.

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