Canada: Iranian regime acts negative way in every single country in the region

[John Baird] Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told the United Nations Security Council Friday that his country will continue to support the fight against the ISIS, but when asked by reporters about a possible Iranian role he did not waver from Canada’s tough stance toward the Iranian regime.

John Baird told reporters: “Canada has designated Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism. It’s involved in a negative way in every single country in the region.

It’s provided material support to a good number of terrorist organizations around the world and it has not been a force for good. I hope to be proven wrong in this instance.”

“Obviously, the Iranian people have the huge potential to play a much bigger role, not just in the region but in world affairs, and we look forward to the day when circumstances will allow that,” he told reporters.

In his four-minute address, he told the UN Security Council “We must work together, to each of our strengths and abilities” to counter ISIS which he described as a “real threat” to global security.

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