Camp Liberty: Iraqi agents obstruct transfer of six patients to hospital

Entry of gasoline to Camp Liberty is prevented for the fourth straight week

NCRI – On Wednesday, November 5, the Iraqi forces at Camp Liberty obstructed the transfer of four Iranians patients to the hospital in Baghdad.

Two of these patients are among the 53 who have been waiting for months for their eye surgery, but each time the Iraqi forces have prevented their trip to Baghdad.

One of the two patients is waiting for an eye surgery since November 2013. Previously on June 28, August 9, and October 11, 2014, the Iraqi forces had prevented this patient from going to the hospital and on November 5 the appointment for this patient’s surgery was cancelled for the fourth time.

During the past few days, on the pretext of religious holidays, the Iraqi agents refused to transfer any patient to the hospital despite the fact that only Tuesday, November 4, was a holiday. Obstructing the transfer of patients is solely for the purpose of torturing them and tormenting them to death.

Similarly, on Thursday, November 6, the Iraqi forces again prevented the transfer of the patients. Four patients, three with gastrological and internal problems and one with hepatitis, had been waiting for a long time for their surgeries on November 6, but their appointments were thusly cancelled.

Meanwhile, in continuance of the antihuman logistical blockade of the camp, it is now the fourth week that the Iraqi agents have prevented the entry of gasoline to Camp Liberty. This is despite the fact that according to the tripartite accord of two years ago with the Iraqi government and UNAMI, there is a weekly need for 800 liters of gasoline that is basically used by public service vehicles and the vehicles used for the transportation of patients and injured inside the camp. Since the camp lacks any asphalt or concrete streets, commuting is extremely cumbersome for the patients especially during the winter season. Obstructing the entry of fuel has been reported by the residents to UNAMI on numerous occasions, but no steps have been taken.

The Iranian Resistance warns about the above measures and considering the commitment of the United States government and the United Nations for the security and well-being of Camp Liberty residents, it calls for immediate intervention by the United States and the United Nations to end these suppressive measures and to completely revoke the medical blockade and to secure the free access of residents to medical services.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 6, 2014

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