Camp Liberty: Intentional delays in transfer of patients to hospital continues

Camp Liberty, IraqNCRI – The Iraqi forces continue to hamper and introduce intentional delays in the transfer of patients, including those in critical condition, to the hospital.

This is part of the criminal medical blockade on Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty that so far has tormented to death twenty-one patients and caused deterioration of conditions and turning incurable the illnesses of many others.

On Sunday, October 12, the Iraqi forces for no reason compelled the patients to change their interpreters three times and eventually crossed out the interpreters for three patients. As such, five patients reached the hospital at 12 after a two and a half hour delay with just two interpreters.

Due to the shortage of time and interpreter patients could not complete their medical stages and thus the completion of some of their treatment was deferred until an unknown future.

Tormenting patients to death is a known anti-human policy that Faleh Fayad, Maliki’s National Security Advisor, advances at the behest of the Iranian regime and the terrorist Quds Force.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 13, 2014

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