Camp Ashraf rights emphasized at a gathering of Iraqi tribal leaders

At a meeting about the deteriorating human rights situation in the Iraqi province of Diyala, prominent personalities, tribal leaders and elders called for an end to the siege on Camp Ashraf by Iraqi forces.

Various tribes took part in the meeting, including the Neda, Saedi, Mashayekhi, Bani Veys, Karkhi, and Sadeh Samidei tribes.

The tribal leaders and sheikhs were joined by a number of other personalities and members of the province’s governing council.

Citing last month’s WikiLeaks revelations about extensive crimes against humanity committed in Iraq by the Iranian regime and the Nouri al-Maliki government, participants at the session called for an end to human rights violations in their province.

They also revealed extensive inhumane pressures exerted against the residents of Ashraf, and urged the posting of a UN monitoring team to monitor the camp’s situation.

A statement was released by the session, which called for a resolution to Diyala residents’ challenges and issues, while demanding basic services and security.

The statement also urged an end to the unjust siege on Ashraf by the Maliki government, describing it as a rights violations against people who are protected by international laws.

The rights violations against Ashraf were described as acts that deny the values of Islam and Arabs.

The statement reemphasized that a UN monitoring team should be posted in Ashraf to ensure the protection of the residents.

One of the sheikhs attending the session said, “We call on the UN, UNAMI and other human rights organizations to intervene immediately and prevent abuses against the people of Camp Ashraf.”

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