Calls for UN sanctions on Iran over protest violence

The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom strongly condemns the use of violence by Iran to suppress anti-government protests in Iran earlier this week. It calls for a united international response to the killings of at least two anti-government protestors and the arrest of numerous demonstrators.

Committee chairman Lord Corbett said: “The international community needs to speak with one voice in condemning the appalling violence and arbitrary arrests by Iran to silence those who took to the streets in their tens of thousands on Monday calling for an end to religious dictatorship”.
“In response to the callous murder of protestors and detention of those crying freedom in Iran, Britain and our allies must press for comprehensive sanctions against the regime at the UN Security Council.”
The Iranian Resistance group People’s Mojahedin (PMOI) had earlier called for the current Iranian month of “Bahman” to become a month of uprising in Iran. “It seems that Iranians in vast numbers have heeded the call of the PMOI resistance group to take to the streets to demand democracy and human rights,” said Lord Corbett.
The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom
18 February 2011

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