Call to end medical blockade of Camp Ashraf – Save the life of Mehdi Fathi

Press Release
21 August, 2010

Medical restrictions imposed on Camp Ashraf, home to members of the Iranian opposition in Iraq, by an Iraqi committee assigned to suppress the residents of Ashraf have caused widespread concern. This is particularly worrying as terminal patients are refused access to specialized hospitals.
One of these patients is Mr. Mehdi Fathi who is suffering from acute kidney cancer and is in a very critical state. He has already lost one of his kidneys due to hurdles created by the above-mentioned Iraqi committee that delayed operation on his kidney. According to specialized Iraqi doctors he must undergo an operation immediately and any delay increases risks to his life. His transfer to a specialized hospital has been prevented for sometime by the aforesaid committee. 

Due to lack of medical attention and access to hospitals and medical services the state of many patients in Ashraf has deteriorated. This is while the residents of Ashraf pay for their own treatments. There is a long list of obstacles created by the Iraqi forces that are refusing medicine to Ashraf or preventing the transfer of the patients to hospitals in Baghdad or denying them access to private hospitals.

The International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ), comprised of 3,500 lawmakers on both sides of Atlantic, strongly condemns measures by the Iraqi government denying access to medical services for the residents of Ashraf. This is an act liable to prosecution and ISJ holds the Iraqi government responsible for the life of Mr. Fathi.

ISJ calls on the US Government and the American forces as well as the United Nations to intervene immediately to facilitate free, unhindered and unconditional access to medical services across Iraq for the residents of Ashraf.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras
Vice President of European Parliament
President of ISJ

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