Call by 1,050,000 Iraqi citizens: The deadline for closure of Camp Ashraf and compulsory relocation of its residents inside Iraq sets the stage for another bloodbath and must be annulled

The Secretariat of the National Council for Tribes of Iraq announced on Wednesday, November 23 that 1,050,000 Iraqi citizens by signing a declaration announced that the 2011-end deadline for closure of Ashraf and relocation of its residents inside Iraq sets the stage for another bloodbath in Ashraf. They asked the world community to make possible a peaceful solution to the issue of Ashraf by the UNHCR and the residents’ resettlement in third countries by revoking the deadline.

Among the signatories to the declaration, a copy of which

was sent to the NCRI Secretariat office, there are 375,000 women, 2,300 tribal sheikhs, 7,000 lawyers and jurists, 5,000 physicians, 10,000 engineers, 1,125 university professors, 2,000 writers and journalists, 500 clergymen, and 119 local officials.

The declaration that has articulated its demands in five items specifies:

“We reject and condemn, with the strongest words, such efforts and urge the UN Secretary General, the UNHCR, the UNHCHR, the EU, the European Parliament, the speaker of the Iraqi parliament and Iraqi political leaders to take urgent actions to prevent another massacre.

“We urge the UN Security Council to dispatch a UN contingent force and UN monitors to protect Camp Ashraf residents, and prevent another aggression and slaughter which promises to be much larger, in scale, than previous instances.”
The signatories also called for an end to the illegal and inhumane siege, especially the medical siege, and urged for an end to the psychological torture of residents by 300 loudspeakers.

In circumstances where the Iraqi government and its oppressive forces suppress any expression of dissent by resorting to extensive arrests, setting up of secret prisons and torture centers, and creating an atmosphere of fear and terror, a declaration by over one million Iraqi citizens vividly demonstrates that the repressive measures by the Iraqi government against Ashraf are solely implementation of directives from the religious fascism ruling Iran that are opposed by the general public in Iraq.
Last week, ninety-four Iraqi political leaders from various factions, together with 121 Kurdish personalities of this country, in two separate statements called for the annulment of the repressive end-of-2011 deadline urging a peaceful solution for Ashraf crisis through the United Nations.

Statements of the Secretariat of the National Council for Tribes of Iraq, the ninety-four Iraqi leaders, and the 121 Kurdish personalities are attached.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 23, 2011

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