British MEP: UN must now investigate massacre Iranian MEK in Camp Ashraf

A British MEP has expressed her disappointment that a year after Camp Ashraf massacre, the UN has still not conducted any investigation that could bring those involved to justice.

Julie Ward also told a conference in Paris on September 1 that the Iranian Resistance under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi was the best hope for establishing a fair and democratic society in Iran.

Speaking on the first anniversary of the Ashraf massacre, she said: “Today everyone admits that it was Maliki’s adherence to the mullahs in Iran and his repressive sectarian policies that marginalised the Sunni population and the Kurds, and is now tearing Iraq apart paving the way for the rise of ISIS.

“One would hope that we in the West would have learned by now what serious consequences might be unleashed if we co-operate with the mullahs in Iran to confront ISIS in Iraq. Iran is clearly part of the problem and any cooperation with them in Iraq should therefore be a red line.”

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