Billions of dollars of oil money diverted into regime coffers

Close to 12 billion dollars has disappeared in Iran after the government of the Iranian regime’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad failed to deposit oil revenues in foreign reserves, according to the state-run Jahan News on Tuesday.

The news agency cited the regime’s Supreme Audit Court as saying that about $11.7 billion have gone missing since 2009.

The chairman of the budget committee at the regime’s Majlis (Parliament), Jafar Qaderi, was quoted by Jahan News as saying, “The Supreme Audit Court has claimed that $11.7 billion in oil revenues from 2009 and 80 percent of added revenues in 2010 – average price of $65 dollars a barrel – have not been deposited into the foreign reserve account and the National Development Fund.”

Two years ago, it was reported that one billion dollars in oil revenues, which should have been deposited into the foreign reserves account, disappeared into the coffers of various factions within the clerical regime.

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