Biden called for end of Iranian regime meddling in Iraq, Iraqiya spokesman says

The spokesman for the al-Iraqiya bloc told an Arab language TV on Sunday that the US Vice President Joe Biden had said in his recent visit to Iraq that an Iraqi government formed at the behest of the Iranian regime is a “red line” for Washington.

Heydar Molla revealed in an interview with al-Hurra TV that Mr. Biden had outlined ?three red lines for Washington when it comes to Baghdad’s next government. The first red line, Mr. Molla said quoting Mr. Biden, would be the creation of a government in Baghdad on the basis of the Iranian regime’s will. He also said the US Vice President called for a government that would end Iranian regime meddling in Baghdad.

The second red line for Washington, according to Molla, was that the Sadrist movement should not end up being a significant player in the next government, and the third red line was that the Iraqiya bloc, which won the March parliamentary elections in Iraq, should have an active and effective role in the next Iraqi administration.

Mr. Molla also said, “During the Iraqiya delegation’s visit to Saudi Arabia, we made ?clear the views and opinions of the Iraqi people in their opposition to the Iranian ?regime’s meddling.”?

He added, “Al-Iraqiya delegations have visited and will continue to make more visits ?to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the rest of our regional neighbours in order to ?employ all its resources to end the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq’s internal ?affairs.”?

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