Belgian Senate Honorary President visits Maryam Rajavi

Anne-Marie Lizin, the Honorary President of the Belgian Senate, met this week with the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance Maryam Rajavi at the latter’s residence in Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris.

Ms. Lizin expressed support for the European Parliament’s solution for Camp Ashraf and the responsibilities of the United Nations and the United States vis-à-vis the camp’s residents. She said, “Displacing the residents of Camp Ashraf inside Iraq would violate international laws and conventions and it would complicate the crisis.”

She also described the residents of Ashraf as symbols of perseverance and resistance for the Iranian people, and said, “That is why the ruling religious dictatorship in Iran, which is in a very vulnerable position, seeks to destroy the residents.”

Mrs. Rajavi thanked Ms. Lizin for her efforts and underscored the imperative for the international community to confront the religious fascism ruling Iran and its proxies in Iraq. She added that the international principle of Responsibility to Protect (RtoP) requires the UN, the US and the European Union to prevent the aggressions of the religious and terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran against the residents of Ashraf and to stop violations of international conventions and laws.

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