Bahraini MP .. Delisting PMOI, Iranian Resistance’s victory

Al-Bilad, Bahrain,
‘US Secretary of States’ announcement regarding delisting PMOI from US terrorist list is considered a victory for the Iranian Resistance’s political and judicial campaign conducted especially since 2009. The victory was achieved despite the presence of known and unknown Iranian regime lobbies in US State Department’s bodies.’, said parliament member Abdul Hakim al-Shammari.
The Iranian regime spent an enormous amount of money to obstruct this decision, but failed: he added.

Al-Shammari described US decision as a revision to a ‘goodwill Gesture’ by the US to appease Iran, a way that Clinton administration tried to make relations with Iran. The British and EU court rulings of delisting PMOI in 2008 compelled the US, though with delay, to take the step and hopefully more steps will be taken in the future.
‘We hope the US and other major countries take clear measures in support of freedoms in Iran and prevent this country from meddling, destabilizing and provoking turmoil in Arab states such as Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.’, said al-Shammari.

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