Bahrain warns of “conflict” after Iranian regime meddling

In its sternest warning to the Iranian regime, Bahrain has said an escalation in the regime’s meddling in the country could lead to a “conflict.”

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Sheik Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published on Friday that the threat from the Iranian regime could increase “to any level” at a time of deep divisions between he regime and its Arab neighbours in the Persian Gulf region.

“They could make mistakes in causing a conflict,” Sheik Khalid said. “The campaign against us from Iran at this stage is political, but it could have a different posture at any time,” he added, according to the paper.

The Wall Street Journal also quoted him as referring to the regime and saying, “They have a serious problem in their own country and they should deal with it and leave us alone.”

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