Baghdad demonstrators condemned Iraqi government for policy of closing Ashraf at the order of Iranian regime

During the Friday’s demonstrations in Iraq, angry protesters condemned the Iraqi government for taking orders from the Iranian regime regarding closure of Camp Ashraf and called for repelling the Iranian regime’s aggressions in the Iraqi soil.

On Friday, the al-Baghdadia Television reported from the demonstration site at Tahrir Square that one of the protesters said: “All the money goes to Mr. Talibani and he, in turn, signs an agreement with the Iranian regime to close Camp Ashraf. Why? We don’t know. What kind of policy is that? …Why? This is while the Iranian regime keeps shelling Iraq’s border areas.”

The demonstrator told al-Baghdadia TV that: “You announced yourselves that there are 29,000 fake and bogus governmental jobs in the Defense and Interior Ministries. What that means is that there are 29,000 weapons with government permits that are all over the streets. How do the assassinations take place? The terrorists carry these same official bogus ID cards and many government vehicles are in the possession of these people too.”

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