Ayad Allawi: From Iran’s point of view Iraq is a big plunder

From Iran’s point of view Iraq is a big plunder, Iraqiya leader, Ayad Allawi said speaking on the continuation of the Iranian regime’s interference in Iraq, in an interview with the Rose Al-Youssef Magazine.

In his special interview with the Rose Al-Youssef Magazine, Ayad Allawi revealed the reason he was placed aside in the formation of the current Iraqi government led by Nouri al-Maliki and said that the US and Iran, through disregarding Iraqiya’s victory, stood against him to not reach premiership.

He said that he has been asked to meet with the leaders of the Iranian regime, and he has requested that this meeting be carried out with the conciliation of an Arab country and suggested the countries Egypt, Syria, Kuwait and Turkey. Allawi explained that he has utterly declined going to Tehran in order to receive a presidential post.

The reporter asked, what factors resulted in undermining Iraqiya not to form government? Leader of Iraqiya answered, “The stance of the Iranian regime when it called on the political forces to unite their positions, which was according to sectarian rationing, and the fact that it strongly stood against me and Iraqiya, also the issuance of the Federal Court ruling that a bigger fraction can be formed after the announcement of elections results. And so democracy was confiscated, as the victory of Iraqiya and its democratic and electoral rights were disregarded, an act that resulted in despair in Iraq and among the Iraqi society.”

In response to this question that is there a chance to extend the security agreement with the US? He said, “Yes this probability is very close to reality”.

The Rose al-Youssef reporter asked, “Did you accomplish what you wanted, and to what extent has an independent government position been formed? Ayad Allawi answered, “In this stage, the Iranian regime succeeded in balancing its role, and Iran-Iraq relations will have proper forms so that any side that has rights, its rights will be given without the interference of others into domestic affairs.”

In response to this question that will the Iranian regime’s intervention continue in Iraq, he said, “Yes, in the Iranian regime’s point of view, Iraqi is a big plunder and as a result of these interventions, this country fell apart and its entities were terminated and the ‘de-Baathification’ policy was blindly implemented and the sectarian project was successfully accomplished. According to statements made by US officials and commanders of MNF-I, Iran is interfering in the affairs of Iraq, and in certain issues such as ‘de-Baathification’ and who must be included in it, it dictates its opinions.

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