Assassination of Iraqi village headman for his objection to suppression and massacre in Ashraf

Military Occupation of Camp Ashraf – No. 147

On October 10, 2011 Iraqi media reported: “This afternoon, unidentified armed men opened fire on Nazar al-Hamdani who was collecting signatures in support of the continued presence of Ashraf residents in Iraq and prevention of their expulsion from Camp Ashraf in Diyala. Nazar al-Hamdani who was the headman of Hay al-Tin village located near Touz Khormato, east of Takrit was immediately killed by the gunfire.”

The objective of the Iranian regime and its Iraqi elements in this criminal assassination is to raise fear and terror amongst the people of Iraq who overwhelmingly support Ashraf residents and are enraged and abhorred by Ashraf resident’s massacre; especially that this support has now spread from Diyala province to other provinces in Iraq. Last June, 525,000 residents of Diyala province declared their support for Ashraf residents by signing a petition. In their petition, they called for a cessation of repressive measures against the residents of Ashraf.

Assassination of a noble Iraqi who opposed the repression and massacre of Ashraf residents and the deadline imposed by the Iraqi government for the closure of Ashraf at year’s end at the behest of the clerical regime moreover demonstrates that this regime and its elements in Iraq are preparing to eliminate Ashraf residents and carry out a more extensive massacre.

The Iranian Resistance attracts the attention of the United Nations Secretary General and his Excellency’s new Special Representative for Iraq Mr. Martin Kobler, and the U.S. embassy and forces in that country to the necessity to condemn this barbaric assassination. The Iranian Resistance also calls for the permanent stationing of U.S. forces or UN observers in Ashraf to obstruct the implementation of clerical regime’s criminal plots against Ashraf.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 12, 2011

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