Ashraf Residents Invite State Department to Inspect Camp or Correct Statement

Statements of the State Department’s lawyer about the lack of opportunity to confirm Ashraf’s complete disarmament by the US Army  and invitation of the residents for inspection of Ashraf  or correction of the lawyer’s claims in order  to prevent the Iraqi government and mullahs’ misuse

On May 8, 2012, the hearing of the US Appeals Court of the District of Columbia Circuit, that addresses the complaint of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran for a mandamus for not implementing this Court’s earlier ruling to review the terrorist designation of the organization, was held.

The government’s lawyer, in contradiction to all the facts over the past nine years, surprisingly declared that the US did not have the opportunity to inspect Camp Ashraf and claimed that the US military was not allowed to confirm if the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran had been disarmed.

The representative of Ashraf residents, in a letter to Secretary Clinton, expressed his deep regret about these unfounded statements of the government’s lawyer and wrote: “CENTCOM issued statement in May 2003 stating that PMOI handed over all its weapons to the US Army. Subsequently, Gen. Odierno in a Videoteleconference from Baghdad on June 18, 2003 stated that MEK “have been completely disarmed. We have taken all small arms and all heavy equipment”. On several occasions former US officers who served in Ashraf have confirmed that they had access to all parts of Ashraf.

He invited the State Department and US Army on behalf of Ashraf residents to immediately and at any time of day or night to go to Ashraf with full and adequate equipment and reinspect all of it. He expressed hope that    “the State Department, in order to prevent these remarks being misused by the mullahs’ regime or Iraqi forces for committing further crimes against residents of Ashraf, would immediately accept the invitation or rectify these inaccurate remarks”

The representative of the residents added: “The residents of Ashraf are prepared to provide all necessary facilities, at their own cost, for the entire US forces in the course of inspection. If this invitation is not accepted, it clearly shows that the remarks by the government’s lawyer are an unjustifiable excuse, simultaneous with the nuclear negotiation, to appease the mullahs’ regime. The futile attempt to assist the mullahs’ regime is to the detriment of regional peace and security and freedom of the Iranian people.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 10. 2012

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