Ashraf resident families protest across from US State Department

Supporters and families of Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf staged a gathering on Thursday across from the US State Department building, calling for the delisting of Iran’s main opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as well as for UN protection in Ashraf.

Camp Ashraf, Iraq, is home to 3,400 PMOI members and has come under increasing and inhumane pressure from the Iraqi government acting on behalf of the Iranian regime.

On November 25, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for Ashraf’s protection and urging the US State Department to revoke the PMOI’s terrorist designation.

Protestors on Thursday expressed strong support for the European Parliament resolution.

A large banner read, “The European Union has passed a resolution calling on the US to delist the PMOI and urging the UN to protect Camp Ashraf,” and the full text of the resolution was attached underneath.

“An unprotected Ashraf is a crime against humanity,” the protestors chanted.

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