Ashraf displacement inside Iraq, a plan that should only be rejected

Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Algerian prime minister and chairman of Arabic-Islamic committee in defence of Ashraf, in an article in Asharq-Alawsat, August 4th, wrote: On May 4, 2011 Reuters news agency quoted an official of the U.S. State Department whose name was not disclosed that ” U.S. is trying to bring up a new plan for Iranian dissidents in camp Ashraf, and wants camp residents to temporarily move to a new location inside Iraq until they are transferred to third countries,” and a few days later, Lawrence Butler presented the project of displacement  of Mojahedin to Northern and Central Iraq.

We know that after the massacre on April 8th in Ashraf, an official European parliamentary delegation travelled to Iraq and met with all Iraqi officials and U.S. Officials in Iraq. The result of this trip and meetings was a plan that the delegation presented to the EU parliament. When Ms. Catherine Ashton proposed this plan to the EU foreign ministers council, the plan  found had important and specific dimensions,  the parliament’s foreign affairs committee approved it.

On the other hand, recently, the foreign affairs committee of the U.S. congress attached an amendment  to U.S. annual budget which stipulates ” the U.S. Should take all the necessary steps to prevent forced displacement of camp Ashraf residents inside Iraq.” The US Congress approved budget bill is not something that can be ignored.

Therefore, I must say that Ashraf residents displacement, which is the demand and conspiracy of the Iranian regime against Ashraf, is a plan that should only be rejected. We should raise public opinions to deal with it.

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