Ashraf, all freedom-loving people are on your side

Nariman Al Roussan
Jordanian MP

My sisters and brothers in Ashraf !
Greetings from an Arab sister who admires you, greetings from Jordan, a country which was once your host, and supported you in your struggle to obtain glorious victory with the help of God; Greetings wrapped in the aroma carried by the winds from Palestine over our countries; The aroma of Palestine which inspires sacrifice in us; and you are part of this message.

My sisters and brothers, I always prefer to infuse the words of poets in my remarks. I would like to tell you, “O brother, the oppressors have surpassed all boundaries; and, resistance and sacrifice are righteous.” And this is a struggle that you lead and God willing you will obtain victory under the leadership of the East’s Jewel and the symbol of pride, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, a woman who in her struggle and carrying the message of this great people has become an idol.


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