As the U.S. forces leave Iraq, the Iraqi Government unveils its ominous intents to forcefully relocate Ashraf residents inside Iraq

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 155

Maryam Rajavi: this is an explicit declaration of war for extradition and massacre upon Khamenei’s orders

Call on Security Council for protection of Ashraf residents by UN forces and monitors

After accepting the European Parliament’s resolution on resettlement of Ashraf residents in third countries, the Iranian Resistance will never submit to relocationNCRI – Concurrent with the announcement of U.S. forces withdrawal from Iraq, Adnan al-Assadi, who is in charge of Iraqi Interior Ministry on behalf of Maliki, unveiled his boss’s ominous intents for forcible relocation of Ashraf residents and their transfer to various locations inside Iraq on 27 October 2011. He said, “The central government has decided to close the camp by the end of this year and to scatter the residents to other camps in various provinces. This way, we would lead to control over the members of this organization and putting an end to its military centralism imposed on the residents. In addition, this measure would facilitate their return to their own country or other countries.”


Defying all international laws and conventions, al-Assadi claimed, “They are liable to no credible law…. those who control Ashraf rely on arms, instruments, resources and considerable financial and political support…. close to 300 residents are willing to go back to Iran, but their commanders’ menaces are preventing them.  ..” (Assabah daily, 27 October 2011).

Al-Assadi’s remarks come five days after the 7-point agreement between the mullahs’ regime and the Iraqi government was issued by the mullahs’ foreign minister (NCRI statement, Camp Ashraf occupation-No. 152, 24 October 2011). Adnan al-Assadi has active ties with the terrorist Qods Force and is well known to the Iraqi people for his role in torture and massacre of Iraqi people and organizing terror and arrest squads.
The so-called human rights minister of Iraq also made similar remarks about closure of Ashraf posted on his ministry’s official website on October 27th. These remarks bespeak of a coordinated conspiracy of the mullahs’ regime and its Iraqi puppets against Ashraf residents.
Relocation inside Iraq was Khamenei’s plan from the outset when Ashraf’s protection was transferred from U.S. forces to the Iraqi government. According to Wikileaks documents first disclosed by Guardian, in December 2010, Maliki attempted to gain the acquiescence of U.S. officials in March 2009 to relocate Ashraf residents to Base Echo in Diwaniyah Province.

Mrs. Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, announcing an international call for protection of Ashraf residents against forced relocation, stated: “?While, at my request, the residents of Ashraf have forgone their rights of 26 years refuge and residence in Iraq and have accepted the European parliament plan; and as the UNHCR and all international bodies and parliaments of 31 countries have called for the annulment or postponement of this bloody ultimatum and requested from the Iraqi government not to obstruct the UNHCR and EU process for a peaceful solution and resettlement of Ashraf residents in third countries; a Deputy Interior Minister of Iraq purposefully denies the legal status of Ashraf residents, stipulated in the UNHCR declaration as asylum-seekers eligible for international protection, to set the stage for the crimes to be committed.

For this purpose, the aforementioned person alleges that Ashraf residents are armed while he knows well that Ashraf residents handed over all their weapons in 2003 in an agreement with the U.S. forces. After transfer of Ashraf’s protection to the Iraqi government, inspectors from the Iraqi Interior Ministry and Police Dog forces searched all buildings and grounds in Ashraf from 18 to 20 of April 2009. Finally, in writing, they acknowledged that there are no weapons or ammunition in Ashraf. Therefore, statements such as ‘scattering Ashraf residents to other provinces’ and ‘facilitation of their return to their country or other countries’ are explicit admissions for forcible relocation and surrendering Ashraf residents to the Iranian regime.”
Mrs. Rajavi called the criminal plan for forcible relocation a clear declaration of war aimed at extradition and massacre of residents as ordered by Khamenei. She stated: “After accepting the European Parliament plan for resettlement of Ashraf residents to third countries, the Iranian Resistance shall never submit to forcible relocation inside Iraq. This is the very plan that the Iraqi government attempted to realize through a U.S. official in the months of May, June and July that raised extensive international condemnation.”

Considering the intensifying wave of suppression and arrests in Iraq concurrent with the retreat of U.S. forces from this country and the continuous protests of Iraqi patriotic leaders against Iranian regime’s occupation, Mrs. Rajavi called for immediate action in the Security Council by the U.S. President and Secretary of State, the United Nations Secretary-General, the High Commissioner for Refugees and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the EU High Representative and Ambassador Jean De Ruyt to protect Ashraf residents by dispatching blue helmet forces and stationing UN monitors until the last resident has been resettled in third countries.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 28, 2011

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