Arresting of some Ashraf residents’s fathers in Qazvin city

As the Iranian regime is intensifying its plots against Camp Ashraf there it is arresting further resident’s family members.

Mr. Alireza Jabbari and Mr.Yadollah Baktash Rahmani, who are about 60 years old, were arrested on January 29, 2012 in Qazvin city (center of Iran). Their sons live in Ashraf.

Mr. Alireza Jabbari is a former political prisoner during Shah’s regime and he was in imprisoned at Mullah’s regime near 10 years for supporting the PMOI. He has been several times sentenced to prison and was put under pressure because three of his children live in Ashraf.

Mr. Yadollah Baktash Rahmani’s son lives in Ashraf and this is the third time that he has been arrested. He was arrested on March 2010 under charge of visiting his son and passed about 16 months in the prison. On August 2011, a short time after he was released, he made a phone call to his son in Ashraf and was therefore arrested again. He’s a former political prisoner during 80’s and he is still suffering from the torture effects that he had endured.

NCRI call on international human rights bodies, especially the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, Human Rights council and Working group on arbitrary arrests for an immediate action to release political prisoners including Ashraf family members.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 9, 2012

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