Armor-piercing bullet used to massacre Camp Ashraf residents in April 8th attack

Camp Ashraf  military occupation – No.81

NCRI – The remnants of the 8th April brutal attack, surveying the footages and the photos taken in the scene, the wounds on the bodies of martyrs and the wounded, and X-rays show that various types of tracer and armor-piercing bullets were used in the attack to shoot at defenseless residents, in addition to ordinary bullets of the AK-47 machine guns. This is while these bullets are normally uses in engagements with the enemy’s armored vehicles and using them against unarmed civilians is considered war crime.

The forces under the order of Nouri al-Maliki also employed some sort of grenades against Ashraf residents that contained lots of lethal plastic pellets which were scattered over a wide range. A big number of residents who were murdered or wounded were shot at by this type of grenades and their shrapnel.
 Using above mentioned weapons and ammunition shows very clearly that Maliki’s intention of the attack was nothing less than massacre of Ashraf residents. This is specially the case because most of the martyrs and a major number of the wounded were shot at their waist up and at sensitive parts of their bodies.
All these facts, which were observed and registered by the US and UN delegations on Sunday April 10 and Wednesday April 13, are undeniable evidences of war crime and crime against humanity and could be presented to any court.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 24, 2011

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