Arab delegation in defense of Ashraf warns Baghdad officials about rights abuses in ?Ashraf

The Arabic delegation in defense of Ashraf has warned Iraqi officials about ?rights violations in Camp Ashraf.?

The Saudi daily al-Jarideh wrote on Saturday, Mehdi al-Atiat, the spokesman for the ?Arabic delegation in defense of Ashraf, said, “On behalf of the International Committee ?of Jurists in Defense of Ashraf and members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of ?Iran (PMOI/MEK), we warn against any measures that are against Ashraf.”?


He added, “The Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad is working directly with the its ?Ministry of Intelligence and the terrorist Qods Force, paving the way for more plots with ?its invitation to immediately expel the residents of Ashraf from Iraq and the Diyala ?province.”?

The daily quoted Mr. al-Atiat as saying, “Ashraf residents are protected persons under the ?Fourth Geneva Convention and violating their rights is construed as a crime against ?humanity.”?

?“In accordance with international laws, those who commit such rights violations will be ?subjected to an international trial.”?

Al-Atiat also charged the governor of Khalis with cooperating with the Iranian regime in ?the suppression of the PMOI and said, “The national court in Spain has launched ?investigations into the July 28 and 29, 2009 attack against Ashraf and the breach of the ?Fourth Geneva Convention by Iraqi officials.”?

?“This case can be extended to all officials who continue to commit rights violations in ?Camp Ashraf.”?

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