Arab delegation defending Ashraf condemns al-Aboudi remarks

The Arab delegation of lawyers for Ashraf, part of the international committee in defense of the rights of Camp Ashraf residents, has released a statement strongly condemning remarks by Iraq’s High Criminal Court President against the residents.

The international committee in defense of Ashraf is comprised of over 8,500 lawyers and jurists across Europe and the US.

Recently, Nazem al-Aboudi made insulting remarks during an interview with the al-Iraqiya TV channel close to Nouri al-Maliki. The Arab delegation said in its statement that the comments were a green light to pave the way for another attack against the camp similar to the ones that took place on July 28 and 29, 2009.

The delegation described al-Aboudi’s unlawful remarks as a violation of the Iraqi constitution’s Article 19, saying, “These comments are also in breach of a great number of international laws and conventions, including the Geneva Conventions, the International Human Rights Law, the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the UN Convention relating to the status of refugees.”

“The comments set the stage for the occurrence of another humanitarian catastrophe against our clients,” the delegation said, adding, “and this would be a flagrant instance of crimes against humanity and war crimes, proving that this man [al-Aboudi] lacks all judicial competency.”

The Arab delegation of lawyers called on all nationalistic and democratic forces in Iraq, as well as jurists, parliamentarians and human rights organizations to condemn al-Aboudi’s unlawful and inhumane remarks against the residents of Ashraf.

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