Another Ashraf resident dies due to obstructions made by Iraqi forces in having access to medical services

Press release August 19, 2011

ISJ calls on the EU to transfer patients and the injured abroad

We were so sorry to hear the loss of Mr Mohsen Ansari, a PMOI member in Camp Ashraf and a former political prisoner on Thursday morning August 18 after suffering from MS (multiple sclerosis). He passed away due to obstructions made by al-Maliki’s Government in having access to medical services .

 The International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ) expresses its deep condolences to Ashraf residents and Mrs Maryam Rajavi for this loss .

At least six of the injured in April 8th attack and four other patients have lost their lives during past few months due to the imposed medical siege.

The PMOI had asked the UN in November 2009 to transfer Mohsen Ansari and a number of other terminally-ill patients abroad. Despite continued follow-ups, none of the 52 patients in the list had the chance to leave Iraq. Mr Ansari was a political refugee in France before going to Ashraf. The French Government turned down several requests to return him to France for treatment .

We call on Baroness Ashton and the EU Presidency to either compel the Government of Iraq to end this inhuman medical siege or to take the necessary steps to transfer the injured or terminally ill patients outside Iraq.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras
International Committee in Search of Justice

International Committee of In Search of Justice (ISJ) enjoys the support of over 4,000 parliamentarians throughout the world

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