Amputations carried out in secret in Iran, official admits

A prisoner in Iran moments before having his finger amputated in publicNCRI – Amputations have been carried out in secret in prisons in Iran without announcing the barbaric punishments to the media, a regime official has admitted.

Outgoing Isfahan prosecutor Mohammad Reza Habibi also revealed that Iran is executing opposition activists by falsely claiming they are criminals.

Habibi told the state-run Asr-e-Iran newspaper: “During last year the hands of five prisoners were amputated in prison.

“Because of enemies outside of the country, the news outlets were not informed of the amputations.”

He also admitted: “Members of a group that had acted against the national security of the country were identified by the State Security Forces in the province and two of the leaders of the group were hanged.”

Habibi added that ‘the father of one of those executed belongs to the Monfeqin’ – the derogatory term the Iranian regime uses to refer to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

He said the judiciary had acted with total loyalty to the slogan of ‘speed, accuracy and decisiveness’ as ordered by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The Iranian regime does not release statistics on executions but there has been a flood of reports from around the country of executions in recent days.

According to information the Iranian Resistance receives daily from prisons inside Iran, and provided to international human rights organizations the actual number of executions in Iran is higher than those that have been officially announced.

The increase in violations of human rights including amputations and executions is an attempt to sow fear and spread terror through the population and prevent citizens from expressing their dissent.

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