Amnesty concerned over fate of several Iranian refugees in Iraq

The prominent human rights group Amnesty International released a statement on Saturday urging the Iraqi government to stop the forcible deportation of several Iranian refugees from Ahvaz.

“Amnesty International has urged the Iraqi authorities to prevent the forcible return to Iran of several members of the Ahwazi Arab minority amid fears that they would be at serious risk of torture and other human rights violations in Iran,” the statement read.

Amnesty revealed the identities of two of the detainees and said a third person has already been handed over to the Iranian regime’s officials in Iraq.

The statement said at least three members of the Ahvaz Arab community are also at serious risk. They are currently being held at al-Amara prison in Iraq.

Their younger brother and sister, both under 18 years of age, were detained along with them but have already been handed over to Iranian regime officials in Iraq, according to Amnesty.

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