Ammunition and explosive devices made by the Iranian regime enter Iraq through borders

The American army announced: In order to stop the attacks taken place with the support of the Iranian regime, we continue pressure on the networks linked to the regime; the US Defence Ministry website reported on September 30.

Gen. David Perkins, commander of the U.S. Fourth Infantry Division, said during a press interview: We have found ammunition and explosive devices of the type produced by the Iranian regime entering Iraq via Iranian borders. So we continue to keep pressure on the Iranian regime’s networks.

An Iranian militia on July 12 attempted to fire 41 Iranian-made rockets at a U.S. military post in eastern Iraq near the border with Iran. Seventeen of the 107 mm rockets were confiscated by U.S. and Iraqi forces before they could be launched, but the rest missed the U.S. base known as COS Garry Owen in Maysan province just north of Basra and instead hit the base for the Iraqi 10th Army division, killing several Iraqi women and children,FOX News reported on 03 oct, 2011.

The 107 mm rockets fired at the U.S. base had writing on them that linked them to Iran and color bands on the munitions that also link them to Iraq’s next door neighbor, according to classified weapons manuals shared by Iraqi and U.S. forces.

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