Aloosi: Joint committee for closing Ashraf is illegal and Zebari’s statements are unrealistic

Mesal Aloosi, head of Iraq’s Ummah(national) Party, described Zebari’s statements regarding the joint committee between Iran and Iraq for closing Camp Ashraf as unrealistic and stressed that that committee is illegal in accordance to the international laws, al-Malaf website reported on June 24.
In his exclusive comments, Aloosi said: “Iraq’s government, since Maliki has taken its helm, has not respected Iraqi or international laws.”

 He added: “This government has not been committed to the Ashraf situation from a humanitarian standpoint and it is the Iranian regime which intervenes in the slightest Iraqi issues, including the situation at Camp Ashraf,” al-Malaf quoted him as saying.
Aloosi explained that: “Zebari’s statements about closing of Camp Ashraf are unrealistic because this committee is illegal and those participating in this committee are not unbiased.”
He added: “Maliki government repeats whatever the Iranian regime says,” al-Malaf reported.

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