Allawi: Not only Camp Ashraf, but the situation in Iraq calls for observers to monitor its human rights violations

In an interview with the Jordanian newspaper Al-Arab Al-Yom, October 13, 2011, the leader of Iraq’s National Movement,  Dr. Ayad Allawi, supported EU’s Catherine Ashton decision to designate a Special Ambassador to Camp Ashraf and added that not only Camp Ashraf but the entire Iraq would benefit from a permanent observers to monitor its worsening human rights.

Dr. Ayad Allawi commented on his decision to not to take over Iraq’s National Strategic Council and to depart from Al-Maliki’s government and added: the political course  in Iraq is on a very dangerous and wrong path and the US silence’s vis-a-a Iran meddling in Iraq,  and the sectarian conflicts and influences on political decisions has created a dangerous precedence.

 The Constitution is ignored and the government is run by a coalition that was formed after the elections and has the Iranian regime approval, said Allawi.

He further added:  Iraq is in a middle of major crises and is on a path with no prospective to normalcy. Our brothers and sisters in Iraq’s National Movement coalition realize that they have no role in the government. What I observe is a growing totalitarian and I do not want to be a part of that lie and deception.

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