Allawi lashes out at Iranian regime for meddling in Iraq

The leader of the al-Iraqiya coalition, Dr. Ayad Allawi, issued a strongly worded rebuke against the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq, saying, “We will not allow the Iranian regime to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs.”


In an interview with BBC Arabic, Allawi said this has been conveyed to the Iranian regime through a number of important channels including the Syrian President and the Turkish Prime Minister. Allawi added, “We are ready to establish relations with the Iranian regime but not at the cost of harming Iraq and its interests and not at the cost of allowing the regime to intervene in Iraqi affairs.”

Allawi said that the Iranian regime does not have all the leverages in Iraq and “the main cards in the political landscape are held by Iraqis themselves.”

“Therefore, the Iranian regime cannot impose its will” in Iraq, he added.

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