Alireza Taherlou, another Ashraf resident who was wounded on Ashraf on April 8 died. Number of dead is now 34

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 41

 This morning, Monday, April 11, ALireza Taherlou, who was wounded during the raid on Ashraf on April 8 upon Maleki’s order, died in a hospital in Baghdad due to lack of medical care. The number of Ashraf residents who were slain as a result of the raid has reached 34.

Alireza Taherlou, who took part in the resistance for three decades, spent 10 years in the jails of the clerical regime and was severely tortured.

A number of Ashraf residents who were wounded during the raid have died due to lack of medical facilities in Ashraf due to  two years of blockade imposed on Ashraf or in Iraqi hospitals due to  lack of care.  The Iraqi suppressive forces that control the wounded Ashraf residents in Baghdad and Baqube hospitals create obstruction in the treatment of the patients and prevent them from receiving the minimum essential care.

The Iranian Resistance from the early hours of Friday, April 8 had warned that if the wounded would not be transferred to the hospital of the US forces near Ashraf, a number of them will die and the US would be responsible since it had signed an agreement with every Ashraf resident and had accepted the responsibility of their protection.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 11, 2011

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