Alawi protests Iranian regime meddling in Iraq

The leader of the Iraqiya bloc Ayad Alawi reiterated this week in a television interview that the Iranian regime clearly meddles in Iraq’s internal affairs and tried to influence the formation of the Iraqi government by blocking his bid for premiership.

Dr. Alawi told al-Rashid TV, “The Iranian regime had a red line against me [to become prime minister] as the leader of the faction that won the most parliamentary seats. This is a clear case of meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs.”

He added, “The Iranian regime adopted a clear stance and informed me of it through leaders of Syria, Qatar, Turkey, Russia and even through political factions inside Iraq and other countries.”

He said he is hardly bothered by the fact that the regime opposed his bid to become prime minister. “What I’m saying though is why does the Iranian regime insist on meddling in Iraq? Would it ever let us interfere in its affairs?”

Dr. Alawi further characterized the regime’s meddling in Iraq as “negative.”

“What else would you call actively placing obstacles on the path of the leader of the winning faction which won the elections?”

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