Alan Dershowitz: US must protect Camp Liberty from ‘genocidal’ Iranian regime

America must keep its promise to protect Iranian dissents in Camp Liberty that are the target of ‘genocidal plans’ by the religious dictatorship in Tehran, a leading US lawyer has demanded.
Alan Dershowitz, prominent lawyer in criminal law also branded Iran the world’s worst human rights offender, the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism, the the worst violators of international law greatest threat in the world today in terms of nuclear weapons.

He told a gathering of Iranians in Paris on June 27: “I can represent to you here today that the worst human rights offender in the world today is the regime in Iran. They engage in mass executions of political dissenters, of gays, of religious dissidents.

“They are also the worst state sponsor of terrorism, responsible for thousands of murders of people all over the world. And if they ever get nuclear weapons there will be no limit to the possibility of where they can bring their terrorism.

“They are the worst violators of international law. They have taken diplomatic hostages, they have attacked embassies, and they violate the law with absolute impunity.”

And he said of the US: “We have an obligation to keep our promise, and all of us here today from the United States are committed to making our country comply with its contractual obligations. If we have to sue our own government in an American court, we will do so.

“We should today be bringing Iran’s leaders into the dock of justice in front of the International Criminal Court. Instead what we are doing is we are collaborating with their evil intentions and allowing them to serve in places of honor at the United Nations instead of places of dishonor in The Hague.

“History will judge us harshly if we stand idly by the innocent victims of the Iranian regime. We cannot rest until Iran becomes a democratic non-nuclear nation with a commitment to human liberty.”

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