Al-Maliki’s forces open fire on peaceful demonstration in Mosul province north of Iraq

On April 25th, al-Maliki’s forces opened fire on protesters in Mosul and killed and injured dozens of people. Al-Baghdadia TV quoted witnesses and announced: The forces of the 2nd Division that had entered Mosul two days ago, started indiscriminate arrest of a large number of demonstrators. The protesters, picketing at Mosul’s Ahrar square (Freedom square), are asking the leaders of the southern and central tribes to intervene, join them, and support them.

An injured person said: I, Khattab al-Jaburi, am one of the wounded. I am not going to the hospital; let me die here. Allahu Akbar!

Another wounded person angrily told al-Baghdadia TV: “I am one of the wounded. These Iranians fired at us… we had a peaceful demonstration.”

In protest to the suppression and killing of the picketers at Ahrar square, Atheel al-Nujaifi, the Governor of the Neinava Province, announced all government offices in the Neinava Province will be closed on Tuesday.

Reporting from the picketing site, the al-Jazira TV also reported on April 25th that the picketers were calling for the overthrow of al-Maliki government. The issue is closed, the decision is beyond reform or the promises of the last 100 days.

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