Al-Maliki’s abhorrent lies as he fears consequences of crimes in Camp Ashraf

Camp Ashraf  military occupation – No.80

The Iranian regime’s terrorist Qods force directed its operative in Iraq to cover up the crimes committed by Iraqi forces on April 8 attack in Camp Ashraf by fabricating preposterous lies. This is while growing condemnations of the attack in Iraq and abroad, and the revelation of top secret document by Iranian Resistance about the crime, has angered Iranian regime’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei and Nouri al-Maliki.

Iraq based al-Sumaria TV affiliated to the Iranian regime quoted on Friday an agent of Iranian regime Qods force, Najaf’s Friday Prayer Sadroddin Qapanchi, as saying that he “rejects the pressures by the European Parliament for on Iraq to remove its forces from Camp Ashraf.” He said with utmost idiocy: “The Iraqi forces found documents, weapons, and graves of al-Qaida leaders such as Abu-Masab al-Zarqawi at Camp Ashraf.”

Resorting to the defunct 30-year-old ploy of the clerical regime in Iran, he falsely claimed, “a group of 12 PMOI commanders from Ashraf have sought refuge with Iraqi forces and asked for their intervention to get other residents being held as hostages inside the camp released.” But finally Qapanchi revealed his real concern and said: “It would not be appropriate for Iraq to be the source of any harm to its neighbors.”

Previously, on April 16, the al-Sabah daily, al-Maliki’s mouthpiece reported the fabrications by a well-known agent of Qods force and governor of city of Khalis Uday Khadhran. The daily wrote: “The Governor of  city of Khalis revealed that symbolic statues and graves of 150 al-Qaida commanders were discovered in Camp Ashraf.” He added: “The Iraqi forces also found a storage full of small and medium caliber ammunitions with cameras for tanks and missiles.”

These hideous lies demonstrate the extent of fear of al-Maliki and his associates from the consequences of the crimes against humanity, particularly after the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights announced that “full details of what actually happened on the morning of 8 April at Camp Ashraf… are only beginning to emerge” and “ny person found responsible for use of excessive force should be prosecuted.” Of course, the Iraqi people, in their courageous uprisings have answered such lies by chanting “Maliki, the Lier”.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 23, 2011

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